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Win with notos plus up to 10% of your transaction.

Up to 36 installments for your purchases in notosgalleries department stores.

The credit card which remunerates the cardholder up to 10% for its transactions, it is a fact. Collect notos plus-points and win vouchers which are redeemable in notosgalleries and notoshome department stores.

The benefits provided by notosplus:

Without credit cards’ annual fee.
Privileged interest rate.

Rewards the in Notos Galleries department stores' purchases based on the following scale:
€1 - €200       6%Xpurchase value
€201 - €400   8%Xpurchase value
€401 +           10%Xpurchase value 
and 1% for any transaction in Greece or abroad.

10% off, on issue date.
Up to 36 installments for your purchases in Notos Galleries department stores.
10 additional points on cardholder’s birthday.
Free parking:
notosgalleries: Athens - Em. Mpenaki 10, Pireaus - Evripidou 38, Thessaloniki - Vas. Irakleiou 38
notoshome: Athens - Sokratous 6
Extra discounts in Notos Galleries department stores.
Discount of 20% on home insurance program and of 10% on car insurance program (in cooperation with Omega Insurance).
Free medical and legal assistance when the cardholder is abroad.
Free travel insurance.
Option to withdraw cash world-wide at any cash dispenser displaying the Visa Symbol.
Doctor on house call on a 24hour basis.

For more information please call:
notosgalleries: ++30 210 3217230 (store hours)

Proton Bank: ++30 210 6970151-9

Notos Galleries VISA
H πιστωτική κάρτα που επιβραβεύει έως και το 10% των συναλλαγών σας σε Ελλάδα και Εξωτερικό.

Μοναδικές δωροεπιταγές notos galleries. Η πιο επιτυχημένη ιδέα δώρου..

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